Our Schedule

boy3Many parents ask, "What is a typical day like at A Bright Beginning?"

We believe that children learn best by being allowed to explore at their own pace. If the children are engaged in an activity the daily schedule will be modified so that learning with be most constructive.

Here is an approximation of our daily schedule.

8:00 am: Open/Breakfast
9:00 am: Welcome, children will have free time to play and get acquainted with the day.
9:30 am: Circle Time, song singing, introduce new letter, color, shape, and number.
10:00am. Arts & crafts time. This time usually involves fingerpainting, cutting, and pasting. Activities will reinforce concept taught in circle time.
10:30 am: Nutritious snack
11:00 am: Outdoors play
12:15 pm: Lunch
12:30pm: Clean up/story time.
1:00pm: Part day children depart/ Nap time begins.
2:45pm: Grade school children arrive, begin homework
3:00pm: Afternoon snack/ begin with homework assistance. Completion of homework.
3:45pm: Outdoors play
5:00pm: Time to go home.