Our Philosophy

coverOur experience with children combines a hands on approach with a formal teaching education. Candice has a unique ability to use her bachelor's degree in Multiple Subject Elementary School Teaching and minor in Child Development, in the daycare forum. She also draws from her experience as an early education teacher for three years, and raising six wonderful children of her own.

Our child care program provides children with a quality, warm, loving, and stimulating environment. Our team of trained child care providers have a genuine love for children. We believe that each and every child is a special gift from God. Our desire is for them to feel loved and safe in our care. We believe that caring for children in a family style setting is the best environment for their growth. Our belief is that the ideal setting is for children to have one primary caregiver from ages 0 to 3 and beyond. We also believe that children should be given individualized attention in a low child to adult ratio environment.


candy2A message from Candice:

I have been providing child care for over 13 years. I am the proud mother of six daughters. I have had the priviledge of meeting many amazing families and caring for their beautiful children. My goal for children is that they be cared for in a warm, loving environment so that they feel safe and secure. Each child who comes into my care, captures my heart. I truly feel as though I am an extension of their family. I am proud to say that my staff members share my same belief and experience with children.

As an elementary school teacher, I have training in the skills children need to successfully enter kindergarten. As they grow and their minds develop, we will perform developmentally appropriate activities such as learn colors, shapes, sizes, and when appropriate numbers, letters, and name recognition. In addition to academics, I offer a daily art and craft time for children to express themselves. It is my belief that children learn best in a positive growth environment, where skills are gained, as the child is developmentally ready for the challenge. My extensive training as a multiple subject elementary teacher provides a unique opportunity for children in my childcare to benefit from individual tutoring. My goal is to work closely with parents to create an individualized plan for each child's optimal educational instruction. I look forward to welcoming you and your child into our child care family.