Our Curriculum

roomOur curriculum at A Bright Beginning Child Care is provided by Funsteps, Inc.

We focus on one color and shape each month. We also learn five letters and numbers each month. Our craft time is centered around these concepts. At the end of each month we celebrate the color of the month. During this celebration, we ask the children to wear the color of the month and eat the appropriate colored foods. This helps reinforce the color we learned in a very fun way.

Each day we have a song singing time where the children can express themselves. We use musical instruments and puppets. Most of the teachers at A Bright Beginning Child Care play an instrument and the children benefit from this.

Our belief is that children should learn by doing. Fine motor skills are gained through cutting paper with scissors, practicing writing with a pencil, gluing intricate details onto an art project, and painting.

We believe that each child is creative in their own way. We also believe that each child learns at their own pace and that there are teaching opportunities in everything. Should children become engaged in a particular project, we allow leniency in time to accommodate the learning process.

Television is not a part of our everyday routine. We believe that children should be limited completely from television.