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The parents of A Bright Beginning Child Care are speaking out about us!

Here is what they are saying about our Santa Rosa based child care program...



"After looking extensively at other in-home day cares and day care centers in the area, we ended up choosing A Bright Beginning for our 3-month old son. Candice and her assistants were friendly and warm, and we knew right away that our son would get the attention and quality of care we wanted. Three years later our son is still with Candice and we feel very fortunate to have found a place he looks forward to going to every day. A Bright Beginning is a great balance of a loving and family-like in-home day care but with the structure of a larger day care center. Candice is a wonderful teacher and communicator and it's obvious when you meet her that she loves kids. Her house is clean, comfortable, and inviting. We have total peace of mind that our son is being well cared for while we are at work and as working parents we couldn't ask for more than that. In a few weeks our newborn daughter will be joining our son at A Bright Beginning and we feel 100% comfortable we are leaving her in good hands."

- Allison and Justin Gillespie




"Like most parents, we were very concerned with finding the perfect place to send our child for his first daycare experience. We contacted and visited many places before we finally found Candice! Her loving home environment and years of experience caring for young children was just what we were looking for. We have felt very reassured knowing that our son is receiving plenty of love and attention throughout each day. We have especially appreciated her ongoing communication and flexibility with us about daily routines and activities. On days when we have kept him home with a cough or cold, Candice has always taken the time to check in and see how he is doing. We have felt very lucky to have found a place where we know our son is happy and loved."

- David and Hana




 "Six years ago when I went on a search to find child care for my daughter I could not believe what was out there. I went from child care to child care in search of something that felt right. I started to feel really discouraged and almost gave up. I remember speaking to Candice on the phone and setting up one last interview. As soon as I walked in and started talking to Candice I knew I had found the right place. It felt very right to me! Candice cared for my daughter for 3 years and then sent her off to pre-school. The time my daughter spent with Candice will always be remembered. The care that my daughter received was genuine care that came from the heart. Candice cares and loves each child individually. Now four years later Candice is caring for my 3 year old son. There was no doubt in my mind that I wanted Candice to care for my son as well. Candice is a very hardworking, genuine, honest, caring, thoughtful and dynamic individual."

- Bradlee Alasia




"We really love our daughter being with Candice because she so clearly loves "her kids." She really believes in community and family. We also love that she provides all food for the entire day so we don't have to deal with that. I also love that Eden gets to play with kids of different ages including babies and school-age kids when her daughters come home from school. Candice clearly is business-minded too, which we appreciate. She sends out monthly newsletters, has a clear handbook of policies and expectations, and is very easy to reach by phone and email. I also like that our daughter is in a home because it feels like an extended playdate, very cozy and nurturing. I am very happy with how Candice cares for the children and creates a safe, enriching, and loving environment for all the kids and parents. I feel like Candice truly loves our daughter which is what really matters."

- Amie Glass






"Trust, a loving & safe environment, respect & a consistent communication to the parents – those were the qualities we were looking for in a childcare provider. Those very qualities were what we gratefully found with A Bright Beginning. Years later, we still remark abouthow thankful we were to have found Candice!"

- Jocelyn SyCip, mother of two boys


ruiz"There are certain parameters that were very important to our family when searching for a daycare for our child and Candice has exceeded all our expectations. At A Bright Beginning Childcare, Candice and her assistants provide a safe and loving environment, practice clear policies that safeguard all children, and present playtime and learning activities that keep my child engaged and loved all day long! We are so impressed with the way Candice manages A Bright Beginning. From day one, there was complete trust and respect between her family and ours - and we always feel Violet is going to her second home to play with friends when in her care. As a teacher myself, I feel that Candice's experience as an elementary school teacher also gives our daughter a preschool experience and we are so pleased that our two-year old can already sing her ABCs, count to 10 and has even started to recognize letters. She loves bringing her projects home to share with us and telling us about playing in their wonderful backyard. All that is just a bonus to the committed and loving atmosphere that is provided in her home. As a parent, I appreciate her monthly newsletters and weekly communications that help us stay informed. We are very fortunate that Candice is a part of our lives and my husband and I feel she truly contributes to helping raise our young daughter to be kind and conscientious. Best of all and most important, Candice and her assistants are like family to us and our daughter loves them!"

- Vanessa and Victor Ruiz


wolski"After interviewing at least 15 prospective childcare providers, we found Candice. We knew from the moment we met her that we wanted her to care for our son. Candice is an integral part of our parenting team - a common sense resource for questions and an excellent communicator. She has a great sense of humor, is loving and affectionate and inspires confidence. There is truly a sense of family in this home, and my son is always excited to get there and see his buddies. The best thing I can say is that I have not worried for one moment since my child has been in Candice's care."

- Sheila Wolski



"Candice and the girls that work with her are wonderful, loving, and fun. My daughter has been going to her since she was 9 months old and we couldn't be happier. I know that she's well taken care of, loved, always having fun, and always excited to be around everyone! We couldn't be happier with the great care that we found at A Bright Beginning, we got so lucky!!"

- Mercedes and Dustin Thompson